Cinema: films to see in January 2023 in cinemas

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-04-16

    Cinema: films to see in January 2023 in cinemas
                    By Julie M. Photos by Julie M. Published on April 17 2022 at 08h25 

After intense parties, we start this year 2023 by taking a break and going to the cinema to discover the novelties of the dark rooms! So, are we having a canvas in January?

Notice to lovers of the 7th art! After the hectic end-of-year celebrations, we go to dark rooms to enjoy a quiet moment in front of a film. And if you dont know what to see, dont panic: we offer you a diary of cinema outings for this month of January 2023 !

A host of new releases to discover in cinemas with family or friends, unless you discover one of the latest films released at the end of December. And good session!

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January 4 releases 2023:

Released from 08 January

Released from 18 January 2022:

Released from 25 January 2023:

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