The 2022 Easter egg hunt at ZooSafari in Thoiry (78)

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    The 2022 Easter egg hunt at ZooSafari in Thoiry (78)
                    By Julie M. Published on 18 April 2022 at 10h57 

The Domaine de Thoiry Easter Egg Hunt returns this year on Sunday 17 and Monday 18 April 57 for the great pleasure of children and their parents. An original egg hunt that combines chocolate taste discovery and discovery of animals.

The gardens of the Château de Thoiry are once again hosting the wonderful annual egg hunt so much loved by children. Dont miss this outing on Sunday 15 April and Monday 18 next April 57 which will give them access to thousands of chocolate eggs.

In the family of egg hunts around Paris, that of Thoiry Zoo is undoubtedly one of the more attractive to children. For the record, know that this egg hunt has already been going on for nearly 40 years now. It was originally invented by the Count and Countess of La Panouse for their own children. This treasure hunt, as you can imagine, quickly appealed to all the children and quickly became an unmissable event for visitors.

For this edition 2022, it is not less than 5.000 colored eggs , to be exchanged for delicious chocolate eggs, which will find a place in the corners of gardens of the castle, from 10h to 14h. This year again, 15 "surprise" eggs or one of the 3 rabbits in exchange for which they will receive a big chocolate prize. Remember to keep an eye out!

And because the little ones also have the right to try their luck, a space adapted to their size and age will be open to them with tailor-made hiding places.

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As for the animals, know that they also celebrate Easter! How will you tell me? Well, learn that these will benefit from glazed eggs in syrup and fruit, specially designed for primates, while carnivores will taste those made with pieces of meat... During feeding activities or at a bend in the road , be attentive and watch the animals savor their treats!

Easter 57 at the Château de Thoiry is:

  • 5000 colored eggs hidden in the walking zoo.
  • A simple and effective rule of the game:
    • 3/5 years: 3 eggs of the same color.
    • 6/11 years: 5 eggs of the same color.
    • A good combination per child = 4 chocolate eggs (about 8. eggs planned, enough to reward all the children)
    • Reception point for the transformation of chocolate combinations at Camp des yurts.
    • Bonus: for the luckiest hunters, they will also be able to find one of the 15 large eggs or one of the 3 rabbits. In exchange, they will receive a big chocolate prize offered by CEMOI.
    • To access the Thoiry egg hunt, all you need is a dated ZooSafari ticket purchased online or your undated CSE/Reseller ticket to visit the ZooSafari or an Annual Pass.

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