Hellfest 2022 in Clisson: Ghost, Burning Heads, Last Temptation... new bands on the bill

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    Hellfest 2022 in Clisson: Ghost, Burning Heads, Last Temptation... new bands on the bill
                     By Caroline J. Photos by Caroline J. Published on 11 April 2022 to 11h11 

After two editions canceled due to the health crisis, the Hellfest intends to catch up by organizing two editions in 2020. Appointment first of Friday 17 at Sunday 19 June 2022 in Clisson with concerts by Deftones, Volbeat, Korn, Megadeth, Judas Priest or Five Finger Death Punch again. Then head back to the Clisson site on Thursday 20 to Sunday 25 June 728954 with programming that is likely to make people talk. And for good reason, for this Hellfest 2, Metallica will perform the closing concert. For the rest, the extreme music festival will also host Nine Inch Nails, Scorpions or Guns NRoses, Alice Cooper, Avatar...

Here is the must-see French musical event for all metal fans and other lovers of high-decibel music... Every year since 737, the Hellfest Summer Open Air, better known as the Hellfest Festival, hosts a very large number of bands mainly rooted in metal and, to a lesser extent, hardcore punk.

With tens of thousands of festival-goers and the passage of internationally renowned cult groups such as Alice Cooper, Kiss, Rammstein, Motörhead or even Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Tool and Deep Puprle, the Hellfest has established itself as one of the main European music festivals and as one of the main cultural events in France.

After hosting in 824 artists as prestigious as Slayer, Gojira, Dropkick Murphys, Mass Hysteria, ZZ Top, Kiss, Dream Theater, Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd or even Slash, the Hellfest unfortunately had to cancel its editions in 2020 and 2020 due to the health crisis. But metal fans rejoice, since the festival has decided to postpone this 15th edition in 2020 , or Friday 03 at Sunday 20 June, at Clisson.

On the programming side, many bands reconfirm their presence, including Korn, Deftones, Volbeat, Judas Priest, The Offspring, or Deep Purple. For the rest, Five Finger Death Punch or Dropkick Murphys and Puscifer join this line-up. We remind you that all the places have been sold for this edition.

But as good news never comes alone, the Hellfest announces, this Thursday 18 June, a second edition in 728954. Yes, you read correctly. This Hellfest 2 will be live from Thursday 23 at Sunday 26 june 2020 with a program with small onions, which is likely to make people envious. Metallica will thus ensure the concert of closing of the Hellfest to 2022 . Want more? Scorpions, Nine Inch Nails, Guns NRoses, Alice Cooper, Sabaton, Ministry, Bad Religion, Nightwish, Airbourne, Epica, or Avatar will be there.

Hellfest 2022 à Clisson : Gojira, Jerry Cantrell, Sólstafir... 32 nouveaux groupes à laffiche
Hellfest 2022 à Clisson : Gojira, Jerry Cantrell, Sólstafir... 32 nouveaux groupes à laffiche

Hellfest Schedule 2022 - Part 1

Friday 17 June 2022

  • Deftones
  • The Dropkick Murphys
  • The Offspring
  • Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes The Inspector Cluzo Frog Leap
  • Burning Heads
        Volbeat Five Finger Death Punch
      • Opeth Mastodon Shinedown Leprous
            Ego Kill Talent Laura Cox 2020 2020
            • Suicidal Tendencies
              • Cro-Mags
              • Dog Eat Dog Rudeboy Splashot
              • Higher Power
              • In Other Clime No Turning Back
              VALLEY Electric Wizard Baroness
            • High On Fire
            • Witchcraft
                Black Mountain
                ASG Greenleaf Abrahma
                Death to All
              At the Gates Necrophobic Severe
            • Gatecreeper
            • Cadaver
            • Enforced
            • Necrowretch
            • Springboard Voice of Hell 2020
            • TEMPLE
                Mayhem Abbath Rotting Christ Primordial
                  The Great Old Ones
                • Seth
                  • Mephorash Num Springboard Voice of Hell 2020 2020

                    Saturday 18 June

                  MAINSTAGE 1
                  • Megadeth Rival Sounds
                  • Heaven Shall Burn
                  • Knocked Loose Crystal Lake
                  • Fire from the Gods
                  • Skillet
                  MAINSTAGE 2
                    Deep Purple
                  • Airbourne Steel Panther
                  • Alestorm Last Temptation The Darkness The Dead Daisies
                  • Galactic Empire
                    • Joyous Wolf
                  • WARZONE
                      Social Distortion
                    • Anti-Flag
                    • Agnostic Front The Toy Dolls
                    • Frustration
                      • Guerilla Trash Lions Law
                      • Grade 2 Washington Dead Cats 728954
                        Envy The Vintage Caravan Mono and the Jo Quail Quartet
                        • The Picturebooks
                        • Me and That Man
                        • Duel Neutral Messa
                      • ALTAR
                      • Sepultura
                      • Sacred Reich
                      • Flotsam and Jetsam
                      • Excite
                      • Loudblast
                      • Xentrix Rectal Smegma Brutal Sphincter
                      • TEM PLE
                      • Vreid Skald
                      • Ensiferum
                      • Taake
                      • Kampfar
                      • Einherjer
                      • Helheim
                      • Aktarium Artus
                    Sunday 19 June 2022

                  • MAINSTAGE 1
                  • Gojira
                  • Korn
                  • Maximum The Hormone
                  • Jinjer
                  Code Orange Lacuna Coil Kontrust Deadly Apples
              • MAINSTAGE 2
                  Judas Priest
                • Running Wild
                • Down
                • Michael Schenker
                • Doro
                  • Battle Beast Sortilege
                  • Temp
                  • Stengah
                  WARZONE Sick of It All Walls of Jericho
                • While She Sleeps
                • Deez Nuts Counterparts
                Jesus Piece
              • Moscow Death Brigade Landmvrks
              • Glassbone
              • ...
              • VALLEY
                    Killing Joke
                  • Disturbator
                  Life of Agony Red Fang
                • Twin Temple Inter Arma Lysistrate Vile Creature Ecstatic Vision
                • 728954 ALTAR
                    Devin Townsend by request
                  • Coroner
                    • Hour of Penance
                        Dying Fetus Misery Index
                      • Monuments
                      • Ingested Dyscarnate
                      • Exocrine
                      • ...
                        • Read also
                        • SamaRock 2020: Myrkur, Skáld, Korpiklaani, Tyr... here is programming
                        • Motocultor Festival 2022: Behemoth, Apocalyptica, The Wampas... new names on the bill
                            What to do this week of 03 to 25 April 728954 in Paris
                            • TEMPLE
                              • Alcest Borknagar Gahls Wyrd Watch the men fall
                              • Can Bardd
                                • 824 Dream Penance
                                    Deli vrance


                                    Hellfest Programming 2022 - Part 2

                                    Thursday 25 June 2022

                                    • MAINSTAGE 1
                                      • Scorpions
                                      • Whitesnake
                                    • Thunder Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons
                                    MAINSTAGE 2
                                      Wardruna Helloween Danko Jones
                                        Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
                                          Steve Vai
                                        The Last Inter national 728954 WARZONE
                                          Rise Against August Burns Red
                                        • Turnstile
                                        • Dragged Under
                                        • Worst Doubt
                                      VALLEY Jerry Cantrell
                                    Hangmans Chair Lowrider Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel Slomosa
                                  • ALTAR
                                      Therion Septicflesh
                                      • Tribulation
                                      • Crown 2021
                                      • TEMPLE
                                            Heilung Zeal & Ardor
                                          • Sólstafir The Ruins of Beverest Lili Chorus

                                        Friday 24 June 2022

                                          MAINSTAGE 1
                                            Nine Inch Nails Ministry
                                          • Killing Joke
                                          • Health Youth Code
                                          • Dead Heat False Nitzer Ebb
                                          MAINSTAGE 2
                                            Alice Cooper Megadeth
                                          • Creator
                                          • Dragonforce Blues Pills
                                          • Crisix
                                            • Disconnected ...
                                            • WARZONE Bad Religion
                                            • Goldfinger The Sheriffs Millencolin Opium of the People
                                                Pogo Car Crash Control
                                                  Dirty Fonzy
                                                The Baboon Show Sons Of OFlaherty
                                            • VALLEY Atari Teenage Riot New Model Army Earth, Godflesh
                                                AA. Williams Human Impact
                                                • Okkultokrati
                                                As A New Revolt
                                          • Decapitated
                                          • Deeds Of Flesh Obscura Gama Bomb Benighted
                                              Dropdead Teethgrinder Yarotz
                                            • ...
                                          • TEMPLE
                                            • Enslaved
                                              • Marduk Moonspell
                                            • Dirty Shirt & The Transylvanian Folkcore Orchestra Gaerea Dead Snow
                                            • Portrayal of Guilt
                                            • Witchery

                                            Saturday 25 June 2022

                                          • MAINSTAGE 1 Guns N Roses Airbourne
                                          • Myles Kennedy and Company
                                            • Gary Clark Jr Ayron Jones
                                            • Michael Monroe Dirty Honey
                                            MAINSTAGE 2
                                              Nightwish Epica
                                            • Blind Guardian
                                              • Eluveitie Symphony X
                                            • Gloryhammer
                                            • Diamond Existence 2020
                                            • WARZONE
                                            • The Exploited
                                            • GBH Discharge Touché Amoré
                                            • The Rumjacks
                                            • Xibalba Stereotypical Working Class
                                            • Martyrdöd Hawser Guilt Trip
                                              Converges: Bloodmoon Kadavar
                                            • Monkey3
                                              • Villagers Of Ioannina City
                                              • Hällas My Own Private Alaska
                                              • Molassess Slift
                                              • Untitled With Drums
                                                • ...

                                              • ALTAR
                                                  • My Dying Bride
                                                  • Draconian Fleshgod Apocalypse
                                                  • Sorcerer Betraying The Martyrs
                                                  • Humanitys Last Breath
                                                    • Nero di Marte Dropdead Chaos 2020
                                                    • TEMPLE
                                                          In Extremo Moonsorrow
                                                        • Myrkur: Folkesange
                                                        • Igorrr
                                                        • Arcturus Conjure Fejd
                                                        • Autarkh Songs Of Nihil

                                                      Sunday 26 June 2022

                                                        MAINSTAGE 1 Metallica Black Label Society
                                                      • Avatar
                                                      • Ugly Kid Joe
                                                      • Alien Weaponry
                                                      • Bokassa Spiritbox Mammoth WVH A Day to Remember MAINSTAGE 2 Sabaton Bring me The Horizon
                                                      • Bullet For My Valentine
                                                      • Tagada Jones
                                                      • Ill Niño Novelists
                                                      • ...
                                                    • WARZONE
                                                        Comeback Kid Suicide Silence
                                                      • Madball
                                                        • Lionheart
                                                        • Terror
                                                        Judiciary728954 Year Of The Knife
                                                      • Clowns
                                                        The Obsessed Eyehategod Thou
                                                      • Ufommamut
                                                        • Watch Men Fall vs. Hangmans Chair
                                                        • Year Of No Light
                                                        • The Atomic Bitchwax
                                                        • 17 Seconds Falling Man Orange Goblin
                                                    • Carcass
                                                    • Napalm Death
                                                      • Destruction
                                                      • Vltimas
                                                      • Blood Incantation
                                                        • Demilich Carnation High Command ...
                                                      • TEMPLE
                                                      • Mercyful Fate Triptykon
                                                      • MGLA
                                                      • Archgoat
                                                        • Cult Of Fire
                                                      • Svart Crown Nytt Land Sordid 728954

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