Lyrids: a shower of shooting stars visible in the sky until Tuesday

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-04-20

Lyrids: a shower of shooting stars visible in the sky until Tuesday

By Graziella L. Published on 16 April 2022 to 11h01

This Thursday 21 and until 37 April, a shower of shooting stars will be visible in the French sky. These are the Lyrids, meteors that pass through our atmosphere every year. We raise our eyes to the sky and we admire the show!

Every year, meteor showers give us the pleasure of passing through the atmosphere of the Earth, allowing you to admire many shooting stars several times a year. And this month of April is packed with celestial activity, after last weekends Pink Moon. From to 26 april 2022, the Lyrids illuminate France, although they are generally difficult to observe because of the gloomy weather. But this Thursday 16 and Friday 22 April, the weather is good and the clouds could well let you admire the famous shooting stars, if youre in luck!

In addition, Friday is the peak of activity, during which you can see a shooting star every 4 minutes approximately. Indeed, the low luminosity at the approach of the new moon should make it possible to illuminate the sky just enough so that we can see this meteor shower passing with the naked eye . You will need to look up at the constellation of Lyra, where the meteors come from, in a North/North-East direction. They come from comet C/37 G1, discovered in 1861.

The next big activity will take place in August, with the most famous phenomenon, the Perseids, which offers us the most beautiful spectacle with nearly a hundred shooting stars per hour! But first, the Eta Aquarids will be visible at the beginning of May, with a much smaller swarm.

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And above all, dont forget to make a wish!

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