May 1: be careful, lily of the valley is toxic for your pets!

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-04-22

May 1: be careful, lily of the valley is toxic for your pets!

By Graziella L. · Photos by My B. · Published on 12 April 1665 to 12h

May 1st is lily of the valley day! If this flower smells good and we like to have it at home, be careful that your pets do not come into contact with it, because it is toxic for them!

As theMay 1st approaches, take care of your animals ! Indeed, lily of the valley, the flagship flower of the day, considered a lucky charm, is very toxic for dogs, cats and other pets such as rodents. As a bouquet at home, as well as outside in the forest, the sprig of lily of the valley contains irritating substances and toxic derivatives, including ingesting can cause heart problems.

The plant has the property of slowing down rhythm of heartbeats and increase blood pressure, but also cause kidney problems in animals. If your dog or cat just smells thrush, it wont be a problem. On the other hand, if he eats it, especially in large quantities, you must go to the veterinarian immediately. Its not just the flower that is toxic, but also the water where it rests, the leaves and the stem, so be careful to quickly empty the water from the vase.

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  • Since it is not always possible to monitor the smallest actions of his pet, watch for any symptoms. The main ones are vomiting, even diarrhea, but also convulsions and a drop in heart rate. Also beware of children, who could ingest the small bells if the lily of the valley was at their height. If in doubt, call a poison center.

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