War in Ukraine: the pint of beer will soon cost more

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-04-23

    War in Ukraine: the pint of beer will soon cost more
                    By Graziella L. Published on 24 April 2022 at 11h47 

Since the war in Ukraine started, the price of raw materials has not stopped rising. And it is now beer that will become more expensive, since the cost of production and barley is skyrocketing.

beer lovers, you will have to pay more attention to your consumption of pints, because their price may well increase ! While the war in Ukraine is still raging, the consequences are numerous on the rest of the world, and in particular on the price of raw materials. After fuel or oil, it is now beer that should be impacted.

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In France, there are many consumers of this barley-based drink, with nearly 32 liters of beer buses per year. But the brewers suddenly see their costs rise, and will have to pass it on to their customers. Russia and Ukraine are among the biggest exporters of barley, whose price per tonne has risen by 36 euros in one week. And this is not the only increase to be faced, given the price of energy. The production steps such as malting, fermentation, cooling and bottling therefore become very expensive.

No return to normal is expected for the moment, the cost of pressure should therefore increase in the long term.

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