Night of Museums 2022 at the Curie Museum in Paris

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-04-25

    Night of Museums 2022 at the Curie Museum in Paris
                    By Caroline J., Laurent P. Published on 26 April 2022 to 12h55 

On the occasion of the new Night of Museums, the Curie museum offers to live a timeless experience, mixing science and street-art! A great way to start your Parisian journey on Saturday 14 May 2022.

A day and an evening under the sign of science... On the occasion of the Nuit des Musées, the Curie museum invites the most curious to come and enjoy various animations on Saturday 14 may 2022. Located in the former living quarters of Marie Curie, at the very place where she studied and taught radioactivity more than a century ago, the establishment usually offers several educational visits and activities suitable for families, all year round.

May 2022, for this new Night of Museums, the museum offers original and original visits, with the flashlight, to discover the portraits of the Curie family and their collaborators. Made by the street artist C215, these urban works are located in the garden and the around the museum. Also, a stroll to discover them will be organized for the public, guided by a student from the Ecole du Louvre.

But thats not all, since the Curie museum also invites science enthusiasts to come and enjoy a free visit to the exhibition permanent at the Curie Museum and the Marie Curie Garden. We also dont forget the storytelling show "Marie Curie, magician of radium”, accessible from 7 years old.

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Detailed program of Museum Night 2022 at the Curie Museum :

  • Of 13h to 23h: Exceptional opening of the museum in the evening

    Free visit to the permanent exhibition of the Curie Museum and the Marie Curie garden.
  • A 15h: Storytelling show "Marie Curie, radium magician", family audience, from 7 years old.

    If Marie Curie was told to me... Come and discover the storytelling show of Curie Museum which will transport you into a poetic universe to discover the life of Marie Curie and understand (finally!) the discovery of radioactivity.
  • Of 20h to 21h then from 21h55 to 22h30: street-art with a flashlight , all ages, from 15 years old.

    Light on the portraits of C215, a visit with a flashlight that is both fun and unique.

Attention, dont forget to book for free your places on the agenda of the Curie Museum.

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