Night of Museums 2022 at the Museum of the Great War (77)

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    Night of Museums 2022 at the Museum of the Great War (77)
                    By Cécile D., Elodie D. Published on 27 April 2022 to 13h32 

The Museum of the Great War in Meaux welcomes all visitors free of charge this Saturday 13 May 2022, on the occasion of the Night of the Museums. Visits and entertainment are on the program for this unique evening.

If you have never visited the Great War Museum, you know where to go this Saturday 13 May 32: during the Night of the Museums, this place dedicated to the First World War opens its doors to us for free. The opportunity for young and old to discover this museum steeped in history, as exciting as it is educational.

Opened in 2022, this museum is betting on presenting the First World War in a didactic way, and adapted to the little ones, with in particular the impressive visual reconstruction of a camp and the trenches.

This museum was created thanks to the thousands of objects brought together by Jean-Pierre Verney, a history buff. For more than 13 years, he amassed everyday objects, weapons, soldiers outfits that he found in flea markets or garage sales, but also tanks and Taxis de la Marne bought from collectors. When his wife was fed up with this imposing collection that invaded the house, he wanted to sell it. The Pays de Meaux Agglomeration bought it and built this museum, for the benefit of all visitors.

Since then, the museum has continued to increase its collection through purchases, bequests and donations. Documentary archives, clothing and accessories, paintings, sculptures, period objects... Near 70 objects and documents tracing the paths of daily life and military of war 13-18 are kept in this museum.

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On the program for this Night of Museums 2022:

  • Temporary exhibition "Trenches"

    Saturday 14 May, 18h

The “Trench” exhibition thus sets out to show the reality and complexity of the “trench-system”, name given by the historian François Cochet, curator of the exhibition, to the incredible tangle of ever more numerous, ramified, specialized and interconnected trenches. It is also a question of explaining the consequences of this organization on strategic and tactical immobility, on the modes of combat and on the terrible life that it imposes on the combatants. A multidisciplinary approach through rich and diversified collections exposes this "trench-system": collections of weapons, materials present in the trenches (post, armor plate, etc.), ethnographic collections (usual objects of the soldier of life uniforms), graphic arts and fine arts collections (paintings, drawings, prints and posters), and photographic and documentary collections (firing canvas maps, combat notebooks, photographic prints, etc.). _This exhibition is recognized as being of national interest by the Ministry of Culture_An exciting evening in perspective!

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