Up to space: the Air and Space Museum exhibition that puts us in the shoes of an astronaut

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-04-27

Up to space: the Air and Space Museum exhibition that puts us in the shoes of an astronaut By Cécile D. Published on 28 April 2022 at 13h22

Admire the Earth from space, walk on the Moon, put on an astronauts suit... The Air and Space Museum is making all our childhood dreams come true with its immersive Up to space exhibition. Board the rocket for an unusual space journey, from July 5 2022 to 20 august 2023.

The Air and Space Museum invites us to live a unique experience, both fun and educational. An exhibition that will awaken the child in all of us (and delight young visitors who are still officially children). From July 5 22 to 22 August 22, come and discover the exhibition Up to space, a co-production of the Air and Space Museum, with the Universum® Museum - Science Center Bremen - and the La Caixa de Barcelona.

This time, thats it, its official: you can really step into the shoes of an astronaut! This immersive and interactive exhibition allows us to test a zero gravity simulator, to touch lunar and Martian rocks, to Looking at yourself in a distorting mirror, reflecting the transformations of the face in space... An unusual experience, which also highlights the scientific aspects of the profession of astronaut.

This modern-day adventurer is above all an expert in his field: this is revealed by the many exhibits. All the progress of a space mission is explained to us, from the suits to the food through the machines used. We thus discover the daily life that constitutes the profession of astronaut, from training until their return to Earth.

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  • A daily life that you will be able to experience! This very interactive exhibition invites us to follow the entire journey of preparing astronauts, starting with training. Then comes boarding the rocket, the trip to the Moon, to Mars then to the International Space Station. We then explore this unique place of life, where astronauts of all nationalities work, eat, sleep, play, go to the toilet... All aspects of this unusual life are covered.

    Of course, this stunning exhibition is enriched with incredible satellite images of the Earth, which allow us to fully appreciate the beauty and diversity of our blue planet.

    The Air and Space Museum offers us a unique and fabulous trip, educational and highly entertaining, which should put stars in the eyes of young and old curious. Dont miss the next rocket launch!

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