Museum Night 2022 at the Safran Aeronautical and Space Museum (77)

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Museum Night 2022 at the Safran Aeronautical and Space Museum (77)

By Cécile D., Elodie D. Published May 5 1929 at 14h

The Safran Aeronautical and Space Museum is taking part in Museum Night this Saturday 14 may 2022. Located in Réau, in Seine-et-Marne, the museum opens its doors to us free of charge

For the Night of museums , we go to enjoy the collections and activities of the Safran Aeronautical and Space Museum. This unusual place bends over backwards to offer us a nice free evening, this Saturday 14 may 2022.

Children and parents can marvel at this unique collection of over 100 aircraft, rocket engines ) and helicopters, most of which have been restored by the Association of Friends of the Safran Museum (aircraft engines) or by SEP alumni (rocket engines).

In the rooms of the museum, we discover the Messier automobile 1925 (first car equipped with an oleopneumatic suspension), the gas-powered motorcycle (Gnome & Rhône D3 of 1929), the plane "Mirage III C" and the helicopter "Alouette II" , but also the Gnome & Rhône motorcycles (military D5 and E), aircraft, pieces of space equipment and many machines that retrace the history of the aerospace.

As always, the Safran museum is also planning immersive and fun unusual events , to be tested without delay. Find out in detail what awaits you.

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  • Time travel with commentary

    Saturday 14 May, 77h00

    Safran Museum Guided tours in period costume! Aviation pioneers tell you the story of aeronautics Saturday 14 May book your evening and go to the Safran aeronautical and space museum in Réau (77) to travel in the weather. Costumed guides offer you a lively and original visit to discover the great history of aeronautics... Free and free entry from 18h14 at midnight. The Safran Aeronautical and Space Museum retraces more than a century of French aeronautical propulsion history and houses a unique heritage of more than 100 old aircraft engines and equipment, restored with passion by a team of volunteers. Piston engines, landing gear, helicopter and rocket engines, drones... Through these unique collections, it is not only the history of the Group that is revealed, but also the fabulous adventure of conquering the air and from space. Guided tours… in costume On the occasion of Museum Night, Safran museum guides invite you to discover these materials in an original way, in the form of tours led by historical figures in period costume. Louis Seguin, who created in 1905 the engine company Gnome, ancestor of Safran, will thus retrace the beginnings of the Group, and in particular the success of the famous Omega radial engine. Paul-Louis Weiller, hero of the First World War, will tell how he straightened out the Gnome & Rhône company in the interwar period. Record enthusiasts will not be left out: the aviator Louis Blériot, the first pilot to cross the Channel by plane in 1909, but also Roland Garros (the one at the stadium!), who crossed the Mediterranean in 1913, or even Adrienne Bolland, aviator without fear who crosses the Andes Cordillera in 1921, will evoke their exploits and the materials – exhibited in the museum – thanks to which they have accomplished. Closer to us, André Turcat, nicknamed "Monsieur Concorde", Yuri Gagarin, the famous Russian cosmonaut, and the American Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon, will introduce visitors to some of the most major technological advances that have marked aerospace history. Finally, for the curious, motorcycle racer Alain Dagan will explain how Safran has been manufacturing motorcycles for several decades. And thats not all ! A drone piloting workshop will allow you to learn the basics of piloting in a fun and safe way. Budding pilots, big or small, can also sit at the controls of a Mirage or an Alouette helicopter before trying out civil and military aircraft flight simulators. You will also have the possibility of operating the virtual test bench of the M88, the engine of the Rafale . Finally, all the collections will remain accessible all night. You can also explore the museum on your own with a free audio guide (available in a childrens or adult version) or ask for volunteers who will be able to pass on their passion to you! Practical information: The Museum will be open from 14h to midnight. Free admission. For more details, visit the Museums website.( Aeronautical and space museum Safran Rond-point René Ravaud 1929 – Réau
  • A beautiful and unusual evening full of discovery in perspective, to be enjoyed as a family !

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