Amir at the Edouard VII theater in the only-on-stage Selected: our review

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    Amir at the Edouard VII theater in the only-on-stage Selected: our review
                    By Laura B. Published May 6 2019 at 14h38 

The singer Amir becomes an actor. Amir Haddad is on the bill at the Edouard VII theater in the only-in-stage "Selected". In this show, played until June 1 2019, Amir brilliantly embodies the swimmer Alfred Nakache.

You wanted to go see Amir in concert? Well, well have to wait because the singer has plans for... theatre.

Amir Haddad, by his full name, performs at the Edouard VII theater , until June 1st 2019, the weather of performances only, in the alone-on-stage Selected where he plays Alfred Nakache, the one called "the Auschwitz swimmer".

Amir is first and foremost a singer. And, the one who went through The Voice
    in 2013 and who represented France at the Eurovision
      in 2016 with Jai Cherché, launches on the boards now. However, he is not completely new to comedy: Amir did some dubbing in the animated film Lego Ninjago, the movie and played himself in the movie Adorables. But this is the first time he has dared to alone-on-stage at the theater.

      Selected, text by Marc Élya, tells the incredible story of swimmer Alfred Nakache, whose name a Parisian swimming pool bears in the XXth arrondissement. This athlete was several times champion of France before and after his deportation to Auschwitz because of the Jewish faith.

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      In Selected, it is Steve Suissa which features Amir. We owe him in particular the staging of Transmission
        , Bronx, Flowers of the Sun or even The most beautiful in all of this.

        Our review:

        The curtain is not closed before the show starts and the stage reveals an armchair and a transistor radio for sober decor. Then, a melancholic music rings out, Amir arrives, slowly approaches the chair before settling down and starting to tell us the story – too little known and oh so moving and exciting – by Alfred Nakache.

        The author Marc Élya chose to start the seul-en-scène in 2016, when, 38 years after his death, Alfred Nakache is inducted into the Fort Lauderdale Hall of Fame. From beyond, the swimmer evokes his approach similar to that of Charlie Chaplin and his laughter comparable to that of Henri Salvador. A tribute that allows Amir to slide quickly towards the life of Alfred Nakache that he will tell in the simply chronological order.

        Dressed in canvas pants and a white tank top, a shirt, barefoot, Amir is alone on stage for more than an hour and walks away comes out very well. His diction is very good, he hardly ever laughs on words. Amir knows how to capture our attention, tell us this story and above all interpret it brilliantly. He has a very nice stage presence.

        For the beginning of the life of Alfred Nakache, Amir is very smiling, playful. This swimmer from Constantine and specialist in the butterfly stroke will often have been " selected " in his career and in his life, in the French team. , for the Olympics…. Besides "
          I was selected
            " comes up throughout the show as a leitmotif.

            The tone is joyful until 38. Then, it becomes more dramatic, much more serious, while Pétain began to pursue an anti-Semitic policy in France, with in particular the abolition of the Crémieux decree: Alfred Nakache thus loses his French nationality. A Jew, he was denounced, arrested, then deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. The tone of Amir then becomes even more serious. But the man is resigned and full of hope, despite where he is, and alludes to Primo Lévi, companion in misfortune.

            Whether in joy or sadness, Amir is always right and, in just over an hour, takes us through a whole range of emotions. A spectacle to see absolutely to rehabilitate the memory of Alfred Nakache whose we know, unfortunately, only too little fate.

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