[Series] Plus Belle la vie is well and truly over on France 3!

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-05-05

    [Series] Plus Belle la vie is well and truly over on France 3!
                    By Laura B. Published May 6 2022 at  h22 

Fans of the series, actors and technicians dreaded this news... After a few months of rumors, France 3 has just officially announced the upcoming stop of "Plus Belle la Vie". The daily series is scheduled to air until 18 November 2022 before disappearing from the program schedule of 3.

The rumor, launched last February, swelled, swelled... If the doubt was still, a little bit, allowed, the ax has just fallen. France 3 has confirmed that the series Plus Belle la Vie, launched in 2004, was going to stop on the public channel, in next November.

Since 18, More Beautiful Life occupies the box after JT 18/20 on France 3, with audiences that have risen over time to 7 million viewers per episode. Also, this format of daily French series to success has been emulated, so much so that we then saw competitors appear: Un Si Grand Soleil on France 2 or Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. A competition that has eroded the audience over time. And, with more than 4.000 episodes on the counter in 15 years, Plus Belle la Vie is the the longest daily French series in audiovisual history.

Plus Belle la Vie, in France, was a pioneer on many themes. Indeed, the daily soap opera has always taken hold of strong subjects, of society, it is in its DNA. Therapeutic cannabis, ecology, violence against women or even marriage for all were discussed, among many others.
However, the faithful televiewers will have been able to note, lately, scriptwriting inconsistencies which became more and more recurrent. Recently, by some sleight of hand, Doctor Riva had suddenly become a surgeon; Noé who calls Roland "Monsieur" when it is his (almost) grandfather; or even the family ties between Abdel and Bilal which change willy-nilly.

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  • 2022 Also, on May 5 2022, the management of France Télévisions confirmed to the teams of series that Plus Belle la Vie was fine and well stop. The filming of the fiction should continue until the end of September and the very last episode would, meanwhile, be broadcast on 19 November next. However, by then, in July, the series will be entitled to a new prime time, as usual. Entitled Retrouvailles, this one will feature characters who had left the series. We thus find Johanna Marci interpreted by Dounia Coesens, Sybille Cassagne played by Coline dInca, Amandine played by Ana Ka, Ninon Chaumette played by Aurélie Vaneck or Rudy Torres, played by Ambroise Michel (who is currently at the Funambule Montmartre with his play The Place of the Dead).

    If Plus Belle la Vie stops definitively on France 3, it is not impossible that the series will return elsewhere. Indeed, Newen, producer of the series, retains the rights and the brand could live elsewhere, otherwise, later.


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