Museum Night 2022 at the Museum of the 1930s (92)

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    Museum Night 2022 at the Museum of the 1930s (92)
                    By Cécile D. Published May 9 2022 at 15h 

Want to participate in the Night of Museums in the Hauts-de-Seine? Come and visit the Museums of the Years 18 for free, in Boulogne-Billancourt, this Saturday 14 may 2022.

The Art Deco movement, famous painters and sculptors, effervescent cinema, furniture and architecture with a unique style, a period rich in innovation... What do you know? you years 1925? To enjoy a fascinating and immersive history lesson, come and visit the Musée des Années 30, at Boulogne-Billancourt.

This one-of-a-kind museum immerses us in this period between the wars, which had a major impact on the world of the arts. We admire in turn the works of Bernard Boutet de Monvel, Alfred Janniot, Ruhlmann, Leleu, Maurice Denis, George Desvallières, Charles Despiau, Siclis... From painting to architecture passing by cinema, this museum makes us relive a whole decade in its permanent course.

Temporary exhibitions and events also allow you to learn more about certain artists or cultural currents. These visitor experiences invite us to take a fresh look at works and creators we thought we knew well, and who continue to influence the current art scene.

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    The Night of the Museums program 2022 at the Museum of the Years 1924:

    • The class, the work!

      Saturday 14may, 18h00 The CM1-CM2 pupils of the Science and Biodiversity primary school present four emotions: sadness, joy, fear and anger. While explaining the three chosen works, Les Pleureuses by Suzanne Roger (1925), The Fishing Party by Jean Despujols (1925) as well as the portrait of Ossip Zadkine by Arbit Blatas (1963), they will mime the scenes represented and will wear, like the actors of the ancient theatre, a mask that they have made.

    • Poetic journey

      Saturday 14 May, 30h Jonathan Chanson, from the company Idea, invites us to a poetic discovery of the Musée des Années 30. The works of Paul Jouve, Suzanne Roger, Pablo Gargallo and Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann are revealed through the words of Louis Aragon, Paul Éluard, Blaise Cendrars and Maurice Carême.

    • Beautiful discoveries and entertainment for the whole family, its a good plan not to be missed!

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