Le Point Virgule makes the Olympia in 2022 with Marie Reno, John Sulo, Edgar-Yves...

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-05-09

    Le Point Virgule makes the Olympia in 2022 with Marie Reno, John Sulo, Edgar-Yves...
                    By Laura B. Published on 10 May 2022 to 15h 

Le Point Virgule fait lOlympia, an unmissable annual event in the field of humor, is back this year for our greatest pleasure! On 15 June 2022, a panel of comedians of the moment gathered on the prestigious stage of the Olympia to exercise our zygomatics! Edgar-Yves, Félix Dhjan, Marie Reno and John Sulo are notably on the program.

For the th time, the Point Virgule, famous Parisian hall - and one of the smallest theaters in the capital - which has seen the birth of many comedy talents, is moving its household to the mythical hall of the Olympia , for one crazy evening! On Thursday 15 June 2022, dont be afraid to leave, for a moment, the rays of the Parisian sun to lock yourself in a show room and find all those who produce throughout the year at Point Virgule. You will not regret it !

And for good reason ! On the stage of the new edition of Point Virgule does the Olympia, the first since June 2019, are present:

  • Edgar-Yves
  • John Sulo Marie Reno Felix Dhjan
  • Alex Fredo

  • Lola Dubini
  • Marina Cars
  • Merwane Benlazar
  • Louis Chappey
  • Rodrigues
  • Jeremy Demay ...
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A great first at the Olympia for several of them. Whether they are confirmed or beginners, these comedians are eager to make laugh the public of the mythical room on the boulevard des Nasturtiums.

Event eagerly awaited by lovers of humor, Point Virgule makes Olympia offers more than 2 hours of laughter. The ticket office is already open.

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