Le Septième Ciel, the cabaret evening at the Georges restaurant (Centre Pompidou)

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-05-09

    Le Septième Ciel, the cabaret evening at the Georges restaurant (Centre Pompidou)
                    By Laura B. Published on 10 May 2022 at 14h50 

A cabaret evening at the top of the Georges Pompidou center? This is the concept of the "Septième Ciel", the monthly evening of Georges, the restaurant located on the top floor of the center. In the program ? A magazine in several issues that smacks of the years 70...

Georges, it is the restaurant very high perched, on the top floor of the Centre Georges Pompidou, by Gilbert and Thierry Costes. And, each month, Georges turns into a sulphurous cabaret of the years 70, the time of the monthly evening Georges in the Seventh Heaven. Next scoundrel meetings: Fridays 13 May and 24 June 2022.

Georges in the Seventh Heaven its a dinner-show with its review sexy and uninhibited. Thus, during these evenings, dinner, with the usual menu of the restaurant, is interrupted by artistic happenings. The cabaret artists take over the restaurant for a performance. Also, the evenings Septième Ciel the spotlight is on the seventies, with, of course, a disco soundtrack. And, for the occasion, Georges brings out his disco balls, his immersive lights and his giant screen.

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And, after the artists and performers, why not become the star of the dance floor of George ? Because once the review is over, the restaurant Georges turns into a dancefloor with his DJ who offers a set between disco, new-wave and electro.

A evening in height, in the heart of Paris , between disco, irreverence and freedom of the years 70, would you like to?

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