[Series] Season 2 of HPI with Audrey Fleurot arrives on TF1: our review

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-05-09

    [Series] Season 2 of HPI with Audrey Fleurot arrives on TF1: our review
                    By Laura B. Published on 10 May 2022 to 10h29 

"HPI", the brilliant detective series with Audrey Fleurot, returns for a second season. Fiction, which had achieved huge audiences, is scheduled on TF1 from 10 May 2022. But this season 2 is available, in preview, on the Salto platform, since 21 April.

Morgane Alvaro is - finally - back on the small screen . The colorful heroine embodied by Audrey Fleurot returns in a second season of HPI. The detective series is broadcast on TF1 from 15 May 2021. The the entire season is available, in preview, on Salto.

Launched in April 2021 on the Une, the very innovative series HPI, with Audrey Fleurot, in the role of a housekeeper with high intellectual potential (HPI) who becomes a consultant for the police, had been a hit. Several episodes have exceeded 10 million viewers.

A little over a year later, the series is back on the air for a new season. Still with Audrey Fleurot (currently in season 2 of LOL: who laughs, comes out on Prime Video and soon at the cinema in La très très grande classe), Mehdi Nebbou (seen in the meantime in House of Gucci), Bruno Sanches (Friendzone, I promise you...), Cédric Chevalme, Bérangère McNeese (Braqueurs on Netflix), and Marie Denarnaud. Clotilde Hesme - whom we adored in the play Stallone - joins the cast this season.

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Morgane Alvaro (Audrey Fleurot) is back in service! With her uncontrollable genius and her improbable look, Morgane has not finished shaking up the procedures of Commander Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou)... But also boosting criminal investigations, whether its in the mall where she does her shopping, a farm, an assize court or a strip club... Together, the duo will face high-level puzzles. But for how much longer?

Commander Karadec is indeed the subject of an IGPN procedure in order to shed light on the incidents that occurred during season 1... Roxane Ascher (Clotilde Hesme), a stubborn and bewitching investigator, is responsible for evaluating the Morganas contribution and devastation in the police force. Commander Karadec will not be insensitive to the charm of this cop who looks like him...

In terms of family life, Ludo (Cédric Chevalme) has returned to settle in the house, Eliott (Noé Vandevoorde) is still as HPI, Théa (Cypriane Gardin) is still in crisis teenager and Chloé still her mothers favorite confidante. But not easy, when you have a brain in perpetual boiling, to reconcile mental load, daily tasks and sentimental life...

Is Morgane finally ready for a normal life? Will she end up integrating into the police force and settling her problems with authority in all its forms? And, deep down, is it really Morgane who needs to change her attitude... or does the world need to change?

The teaser :

Our review:

After an already successful first season, Audrey Fleurot digs deeper into her character as Morgane Alvaro. Always with her hair done, made up and dressed like a pin-up, the actress seduces us more and more in this role where she demonstrates all her talents as an interpreter and also makes us laugh a lot.

And, for this second season, the daily life of Morgane Alvaro is not spared. The consultant must face professional and sentimental setbacks, as well as housing problems. Trouble that will only make the character more human.

Through it, we always learn more about a whole host of subjects (cow horns, the manufacture of banknotes, etc.). What stands out in season 2 of HPI, in its production and its narration, it is these improbable sketches, imagined by the characters, and which nevertheless appear on the screen. As well as the various dynamic processes, always with the image, which intervene in particular to clarify the reasoning of Morgane Alvaro. This makes the series even more attractive.

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