GE Healthcare, Alliance Medical partner to advance healthcare with AI in UK

By bfnadmin  | Date: 2022-05-11

    GE Healthcare, Alliance Medical partner to advance healthcare with AI in UK
                    GE Healthcare has recently announced partnership with Alliance Medical, aiming to develop a novel digital health solution.

Under the terms of agreement, both parties will use advanced data analytics in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) to create a package of tools capable of streamlining daily management and aid in problem-solving, notably for diagnostics in radiology divisions.

With GE Healthcare’s remote collaboration tools, analytics solutions, and AI, Alliance Medical – imaging services provider in Europe – will further strengthen its platforms across the country.

GE’s Imaging Growth Tile AI app, for instance, will help blend real-time data derived from different Alliance Medical sites for predicting utilization, equipment and would suggest opportunities that may help optimize scheduling.

Speaking on the collaboration, Richard Evans, Managing Director of Alliance Medical stated that the current radiology departments are witnessing major challenges with persistent shortages of staff, which is aggravated by extending patient backlogs.

According to Evans, shortages and backlogs have caused a significant rise in demand with insufficient delivering capacity, and the only way to address this scenario is by innovation – the exact focus of Alliance’s partnership with GE Healthcare.

Simon McGuire, GM of GE Healthcare Northern Europe, emphasized on the capabilities of the company’s software to offer 360 visibility and help radiology departments better manage complexity with productivity optimization like never before.

Both the parties have announced that the partnership intends to amplify patient outcomes by delivering consistent and improved care across various sites, standardizing protocols, and reducing radiation dosage used in imaging.

Primarily, the partnership will focus on bolstering AI-equipped healthcare in the UK, however, GE and Alliance plan to expand the model across other geographies in future.

As per the announcement made by the two companies, the latest agreement is an extension to a pre-existing partnership that entails a $55.6 million deal to deliver more than 70 medical imaging systems over the span of 3 years.

Moreover, GE Healthcare and Alliance Medical have also collaborated over development of rapid diagnostics model to accelerate cancer diagnosis.

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