58% of infectious diseases connected to climate hazards- Study

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-08-09

58% of infectious diseases connected to climate hazards- Study

According to a recent study in Monday’s journal Nature Climate Change, 218 or 58% of total 375 infectious diseases have worsened by one of the ten types of extreme weather conditions, like heat waves, flooding, and drought. 

The study chalked out 1,006 ways relating sick people and climate hazards. It was discovered that while in some cases, disease-carrying deer, mosquitoes, and rats, ensuing from floods and heavy downpours sickened people, heat waves and warming oceans taint seafood and droughts allow bats to carry viral infections to people.

Dr. Jonathan Patz, the co-author of this study said that the risk of these diseases is changing with climate change, and these diseases are symptoms of sick earth.

The researchers also expanded their scope to include other variants of human sickness, including non-infectious ones like allergies, asthma, and animal bites, and found that 223 out of 286 diseases were aggravated, 54 were both aggravated as well as minimized, and 9 got diminished by climate hazards.

As per reports, the study doesn’t involve calculations to attribute disease changes, magnitude, or odds to climate change, but discovers cases where changing weather patterns were an important factor.

Camilo Mora, the lead author of the study emphasized that there is no prediction about the future in the study.

Originally, Mora wanted to see if climate hazards affected Covid-19. Interestingly, it was observed that while in some cases, heavy downpours forced people to stay indoors and reduced the spreading of the disease, in other situations, extreme heat led people to congregate to cool off, getting exposed to the disease.

Meanwhile, Kristie Ebi, a public health expert, observed that the authors did not discuss the extent to which climate change has led to these changes, Dr. Aaron Bernstein, Harvard School of Public Health, and three other experts expressed that the study is a warning about health and climate issues, both for the present and the future.

Source: https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2022-08-08/study-connects-climate-hazards-to-58-of-infectious-diseases

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