AiBorne Tech partners with Giga Cars to revamp buying experience with AI

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-07-16

AiBorne Tech partners with Giga Cars to revamp buying experience with AI

Giga Cars, one of India’s biggest car superstores has collaborated with AiBorne Tech, a foremost Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered visual inspection service provider in a bid to leverage the deep technology to offer a hassle-free and exceptional car purchasing experience.

According to credible sources, the AI platform of AiBorne Tech will offer Giga Cars the capabilities to perform top-quality vehicle checks without any human interference, while utilizing common videos and photos from a standard tablet or smartphone.

At its core, the Artificial Intelligence solutions make use of advanced computer vision to assist the end-user upload 360-degree content from every side of the vehicle in half-a-minute to return the detailed diagnostics for every panel. This consists of any damages with their accurate severity and location, and repair & replace decisions with real-world prices for renovation.

Mr Vishnu Vardhan Bogi, Giga Cars stated that the brand believes in being totally transparent about the quality of the car which helps the clients to make an informed decision on purchasing the car.

Vishnu mentioned that collaborating with AiBorne Tech has helped the team offer 100 per cent transparency on the conditions of vehicle bodies, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Not to mention, it has also assisted in normalizing the quality of the car, limiting evaluation TATs, and improving operational efficacy.

Ms. Anshika Parihar, an AiBorne official reassured the team’s belief in deep technologies such as computer vision Artificial Intelligence that must be used carefully to automate the unnecessary duties in visual inspections.

It has also been reported that Giga Cars intends to slash every manual intervention conducted conventionally and offer the most trustworthy car selling and buying experience to the clients.

About Giga Cars

Giga cars is a consignment-centric marketing platform for used cars. Their exceptional phygital business models help the sellers get nearly 10 per cent more when sold on consignment.

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