Alphabets YouTube bolsters brand-specific audio & podcast advertising

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: 2022-10-18

Alphabets YouTube bolsters brand-specific audio & podcast advertising

Alphabet owned YouTube is reportedly planning to extend opportunities for advertising to reach music and podcast listeners, as well as viewers on linked televisions.

The pronouncements come at a time when the advertising sector is having difficulty due to record-high inflation and supply-chain interruptions, which have driven several firms to reduce their marketing budgets.

According to Debbie Weinstein, Vice President of Global Advertising Solutions Inc. for Google LLC, and YouTube, this has caused advertisers to become laser-focused on the kinds of marketing that will attract new clients and boost sales. Moreover, they are interested in learning what works and how to increase their efforts, she added.

The online video-sharing platform announced that it would increase audio advertising around the globe to enable businesses to target users who use YouTube to listen to music or podcasts. It is worth mentioning that despite being well-renowned for watching videos, YouTube is the second-most popular service for listening to podcasts.

Weinstein claimed that when people watch films on TV or other devices connected to the internet, the platform will offer a fresh set of Moment Blast advertising placements, which will give a brand an excellent location on some of the most well-liked YouTube videos. Furthermore, brands can acquire the package to own significant events like sporting contests or product launches.

In similar developments, YouTube performed an experiment earlier this month where it required some free users to switch to a premium account in order to view videos in 4K resolution. This test has now been discontinued by the corporation, perhaps in response to user outrage.

YouTube makes several attempts to turn free users into paying customers. In order to give consumers an unbroken experience, it tested presenting up to 11 non-skippable commercials before the beginning of a lengthy video earlier this year. However, it didnt last long, and the company called it off in a matter of days.

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