Arla Foods Ingredients introduces plug & play protein bar concept

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-09-02

Arla Foods Ingredients introduces plug & play protein bar concept

Arla Foods Ingredients, a Danish-Swedish multinational cooperative, has reportedly developed a plug-and-play solution to support manufacturers in creating bars with high protein content in every layer.

It has been reported that Arla Foods Ingredients has unveiled this protein bar concept that enables brands to raise the protein content for every part of their bars, including the mass, coating, and filling, regardless of increasing size or compromising on texture or taste.

The new recipe is based on good-quality milk and whey protein additives from Arla's Lacprodan range. It ensures that affluent chocolate mass preserves its flavor and softness across its life cycle and provides 30% protein per bar, enabling for high-protein claims.

It has been speculated that as a plug-and-play solution, brands can use the ingredients in the same way or as the base for their formulations.

Apparently, protein bars are gaining traction in retail outlets with more than 80% of consumers interested in protein, up from 69% in 2014.

Commenting on the launch, Sales Development Manager, Health & Performance Nutrition at Arla Foods Ingredients, Laima Liepinyte notified that in the overly populated bar market, manufacturers must seize the attention of consumers looking out for high-protein options which are just as enticing as their confectionery counterparts. This is expected to present new growth of for the company’s plug and play protein bar concept.

Liepinyte further explained that with Lacprodan ingredients, they could fabricate multi-layer protein bars with a palette of textures and a soft, light, and creamy mouthfeel flavor.

Moreover, this innovative idea offers producers new avenues that prioritize wellness for success and widens the market for high-protein confectionery goods.

According to reports, Arla Foods Ingredients and Nutrition Integrated will, in partnership, host a webinar to introduce the new idea scheduled on September 15.

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