ASOS partners with Thrift+; unveils second circular collection

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-06-06

ASOS partners with Thrift+; unveils second circular collection

Online fashion retailer ASOS has reportedly unveiled its second circular design collection and a trial alliance with resale service Thrift+. This would enable customers to earn credits by selling unwanted clothes.

Under the Thrift+ trial, customers must ask for a free ASOS x Thrift+ bag using a link on the company’s website. The customers can put their unwanted clothes in the bag and send them back to the reseller.

Once the clothes are sold, customers receive credits that can be donated to a charity of their choice, spent on other resale clothing, or reclaim as ASOS vouchers. The company stated that over 30,000 bags will be available under the first phase of the trial.

On the other hand, the new design collection comprises 47 items based on the vision of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular fashion economy.

All the products are made using renewable, recycled, or innovative materials and all the denim pieces follow the Jeans Redesign Project guidelines of the Foundation.

Vanessa Spence, ASOS’s Commercial Design and Visual Director, stated that the fashion industry needs to become circular as well as sustainable to achieve commercial success.

It is worth mentioning that the latest circular collection is the second iteration since September 2020. The previous collection included a small number of teams that progressed through the circular design education programme of ASOS.

As per a credible source, the new iteration is extensively explored as every commercial team associated with ASOS was involved in creating the products in the collection. This reflects the broader release of circular design knowledge across ASOS teams.

The move comes following the issuance of an interactive 112-page Circular Design Handbook late in 2021 which ASOS created in collaboration with the London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. The intent was to assist its teams along with students, external designers, and fashion brands in designing and creating fashion products supporting the circular economy.

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