BMW & ONE ink agreement to integrate Gemini™ Dual-Chemistry into iX

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-06-14

BMW & ONE ink agreement to integrate Gemini™ Dual-Chemistry into iX

Michigan-based energy storage company Our Next Energy (ONE) has reportedly inked an agreement with the BMW Group.

The agreement will enable the integration of Gemini™ Dual-Chemistry battery technology from ONE into BMW’s all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle BMW iX.

ONE’s distinct long-range Gemini tech curbs the usage of lithium by 20% whilst limiting graphite usage by 60% and reducing the usage of cobalt and nickel. Through this initiative, ONE is creating sustainable energy storage tech that can substantially curb the environmental impact.

The first model of the vehicle is anticipated to be completed by the end of this year.

ONE CEO and Founder Mujeeb Ijaz cited that the company is delighted to be working with BMW to showcase its Gemini long-range battery technology to customers. Ijaz added that the company plans to generate twice as much energy into batteries.

Prevalent conditions like winter temperatures, maintaining highway speeds, towing, climbing mountains or a combination of all things presents issues to electric vehicles.

Jürgen Hildinger, Head of High Voltage Storage at BMW Group New Technologies has stated that the company is well-placed to integrate BMW's SAV line with ONE's IP.

Hildinger added that the firm is hopeful that the economic viability will enable commercial strategies and opportunities to consolidate ONE’s battery technologies into its upcoming BEV (battery electric vehicles) product line.

BMW i Ventures, BMW’s Silicon Valley-based venture capital arm, has invested in ONE. It recently initiated a funding round of USD 65 million.

Baris Guzel, partner at BMW i Ventures commented that ONE is working to transform the battery whilst targeting safety, sustainability, and cost; three major factors helping to augment the adoption and development of BEVs.

Reportedly, ONE’s aim of transforming the battery is in line with the cost and sustainability goals of automotive companies like BMW. This will help solve the issue of extending the EV range responsibly.

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