BRP advances EV plan, unveils Can-Am motorcycle lineup & Sea-Doo hydrofoil

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-08-08

BRP advances EV plan, unveils Can-Am motorcycle lineup & Sea-Doo hydrofoil

BRP Inc., a leading recreational vehicle manufacturer, has reportedly introduced the first two models, Can-Am Pulse and Can-Am Origin of its Can-Am all-electric motorcycle portfolio. Building on its motorcycle legacy, the Canadian company is set to change the power dynamic and open the road to next-gen riders and electric vehicle enthusiasts.

With this latest launch, BRP will work on electrifying its current product line and seize opportunities for entering new markets through game-changing electric products.

While Can-Am Origin is designed for bringing new exhilaration to the street and the trail to offer a more advanced multi-terrain experience, Can-Am Pulse is an agile motorcycle specifically crafted for immerse riders to transform their everyday commute into electric joyrides.

It has also been reported that BRP will be rolling out the Sea-Doo Rise, a new electricity-driven hydrofoil board with the Sea-Doo signature.

For the record, the Sea-Doo Rise is one of its kind and cleverly designed with innovative and dynamic features to transform the board as riders attain experience over time.

All three products would be available in the markets by mid-2024.

According to the President & CEO of BRP, José Boisjoli, with the launch of Can-Am Pulse and Can-Am Origin, which are the first two models of their electric 2-wheel family, the company is anticipating reinforcing its motorcycle heritage via thrilling riding experiences for a whole new generation.

Boisjoli shed light on BRP’s dominance in the growing and democratizing hydro foiling watersport industry and claimed that it will now leverage its expertise to address the unexplored market category to further position itself for future growth through the development of Sea-Doo Rise.

Apparently, the Can-Am models are easier to use and ride, featuring stunning and modern designs, that are built to exhibit state-of-the-art technology, including a unique visual signature and high-performance LED headlamp.

Full specs of both the Can-Am all-electric motorcycle models and Sea-Doo Rise are anticipated to be revealed in August 2023.

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