CGIAR and Bangladesh team up to strengthen agri-food system portfolio

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-07-22

CGIAR and Bangladesh team up to strengthen agri-food system portfolio

CGAIR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research), has reportedly partnered with the Government of Bangladesh to launch its research portfolio of advanced scientific innovations to help unravel the potential of agri-food systems in Bangladesh.

For the uninitiated, CGIAR can be regarded as an international research collaboration for a food-secure future.

As per credible sources, members present in the top-level meeting talked about specific research deliverables on various issues. Some of these include biodiversity and environmental health; mitigation and climate adaption; jobs and livelihood; poverty reduction; inclusion and youth; gender equality; food and health security; and nutrition.

Apparently, CGAIR has introduced 12 multidisciplinary programs in the country. These initiatives comprise TAFSSA (transforming agri-food systems in South Asia), a platform through which all CGIAR Global Thematic Initiatives will take part in Bangladesh and South Asia. This will offer a synchronized program of engagement and research throughout the food manufacturing and consumption range.

They are also inclusive of sustainable intensification of the mixed farming systems, which will allow the production of more food on the same land while bringing down the negative impact on the environment.

As per claims, representatives from the Ministry of Food, Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council and the Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute held a meeting with the CGIAR members.  In the meet-up, they shed light on capacity, research, and advocacy priorities and the attainment of maximum effect in Bangladesh via a One CGIAR system approach.  

Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque, Minister of Agriculture, Bangladesh stated that the strategy emphasizes on delivering innovation and science to advance the transformation of land, food, and water system in a climate crisis as it is vital for Bangladesh.

Reportedly, in the coming three years, the CGIAR Research portfolio will positively influence the productivity, health, and livelihood of millions of smallholder indigenous fishers, farmers, and food-insecure households in a widely challenging regional context.

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