China applauds while Taiwan berates Elon Musk concerning Taiwan plan

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: 2022-10-10

China applauds while Taiwan berates Elon Musk concerning Taiwan plan

Elon Musk has reportedly received praise from the ambassador of China to the United States, Qin Gang for his idea to create a special administrative region for Taiwan.

However, Taiwans de facto ambassador to the United States, Hsiao Bi-khim, reprimanded the businessman by tweeting that while Taiwan sells a variety of items, its freedom and democracy were not for sale. He added that any long-term proposition for their future must be agreed upon in an atmosphere of peace, devoid of compulsion, and respect for the democratic aspirations of the Taiwanese people.

Gang praised Musk and highlighted Beijings call for a peaceful reunion and a One nation, two systems policy for the island. He added that, as long as Chinas interests in sovereignty, security, and prosperity were protected, Taiwan would have a great deal of autonomy as a special administrative entity and a lot of room for growth following reunification.

A hypothetical peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine was floated a few days prior, prompting outrage in Ukraine post which Musk suggested that granting Beijing some control over Taiwan could help ease tensions between China and Taiwan. He further recommends coming up with a separate administrative zone for Taiwan.

Beijing, which considers Taiwan to be one of its provinces, has long threatened to annex Taiwan and has not ruled out using force to do so. The democratically-run Taiwanese government vigorously disputes Chinas claims to the island and insists that only its 23 million citizens have the power to decide its future.

Notably, a majority of Taiwans key political parties have disregarded this model of autonomy laid out by China, which is comparable to that of Hong Kong. Besides, it has very little support from the public, particularly after Beijing enacted a strict National Security Law in Hong Kong in 2020.

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