China’s MG struck by stock supply shortages for the first time

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-06-04

China’s MG struck by stock supply shortages for the first time

MG China, a well-known Chinese automotive conglomerate and one of the fastest evolving car firms in Australia is reportedly facing bumps in its supply chain. In the past, MG has been unaffected by a chronic stock scarcity that has presently handicapped the automotive industry worldwide.

As per credible sources, MG Australia was anticipated to report a decline in sales in April 2022 after observing a month-on-month increase this year before a sharp turndown in June.  MG, reportedly, is the 7th largest automobile brand in Australia and has publicized an increase in sales every month this year in comparison to the previous year.

However, the preceding figures demonstrate that the company will report approximately 4000 sold vehicles in May after the release of the official data. While this depicts a surge in comparison to the same month sales in the previous year when approximately 2500 MG automobiles were sold, it is the first-time that the sales have declined from month-to-month in 2022.

For the uninitiated, MG vehicle dealers have thus, been advised to expect a decline in the supply of vehicles in June, which is factually the year’s biggest month for new-car sales.

This type of interruption in the supply of vehicles indicates that MG users will now have to wait for four to eight weeks for the delivery of their vehicle. This would be equivalent to the waiting time of around three-twelve months for other key car brands.

As per MG Australia, the conglomerate is awaiting major shipments of stocks in the upcoming months across their range of vehicles in New Zealand and Australia. Nearly 7000 vehicles are anticipated to arrive in July.  It also mentioned that they are working in proximity with the parent company to overlook the issue of supply and resolve it to curb the delays in the order of vehicles.

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