EA to launch three games based on Marvel, debuting first with Iron Man

By Anusha  | Date: 2022-11-01

EA to launch three games based on Marvel, debuting first with Iron Man

California-based video games company, Electronic Arts Inc. is reportedly planning to develop three action-adventure video games centered around the Marvel universe.

One of the video games centered around Iron Man would include an original narrative of the history of fictional billionaire Tony Stark, who is portrayed by actor Robert Downey Jr. in the films.

Apparently, the newly launched video games would be available on both PCs as well as consoles. Interestingly, this deal is giving the game publisher access to the world’s most prominent entertainment company given the surging popularity of the movies.

Prior to launching games for the Marvel Universe, EA partnered with Marvels parent Walt Disney Co. to explore the world of Star Wars within mobile devices, consoles, and PCs.

Incidentally, with this deal, EA officially joins the bandwagon of other gaming moguls that have tapped into the intricacies of other superheroes for their video games.

For instance, Activision Blizzard previously launched games centered around Spiderman, while Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment developed games focusing on the adventures of DCs Batman.

Elaborating on the development, EAs Chief Operating Officer Laura Miele claimed that the decision to partner with Marvel was taken to offer a diversified portfolio to EAs loyal consumer base, while simultaneously attempting to welcome new gamers who are fans of the Marvel Universe into the video gaming platform.

As per the current scenario, it remains to be seen whether the other two games would revolve around the remaining Marvel characters such as Thor and The Hulk or would be sequels to the previously established Iron Man videogame, like what Insomniac Games did with its own Spider-Man video game series.

It is worth mentioning that EA has been suffering from a stark fall in demand since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and it hopes that the launch of these new games will help the company cope with the losses.

Source Link: - https://news.yahoo.com/ea-develop-three-marvel-games-175722504.html

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