unveils new platform facilitating passive income

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-06-02 unveils new platform facilitating passive income, a private equity firm headquartered in Chicago has reportedly launched its new platform for allowing business professionals to generate passive income and retain time-efficiency by investing in real estate syndications.

In line with the company’s advanced estate strategy, the platform will focus on acquisition and growth opportunities within the multifamily and assisted living facility sectors whilst remaining flexible in proactively pursuing assets across other sectors.

The private equity firm aims to provide passive investing options to busy professionals so that they can invest their capital in real estate to build wealth and impact local communities without having the troubles of being a landlord.

Kris Toribio, Managing Partner at, mentioned that acting as both real estate investors and healthcare providers has made the firm realise that for majority of its participants, money is not as crucial of a factor as is time.

Toribio shared the company’s goal – which is to provide fellow colleagues and busy members with the desired opportunity to create new source of passive income, attain lifestyle flexibility, and arrange generational wealth without having to slog until they are 65.

As per the firm’s Senior Advisor, Jim Biggs, who is also the founder of the GOB Network and has more than $450 million in assets under management, Kris and the team have executed the strategy in reaching this milestone exceptionally well.

Biggs further shed light on the historically low housing supply and the resurfacing silver tsunami, positioning in a way that it is prompted to capitalize the surging demand for affordable housing and senior living.

Within a span of two years, has expanded its native real estate networking cohort, Windy City REI, to accommodate more than 550 members with second annual real estate conference scheduled in July expecting more than 350 attendees across the country.

Freedom Investing Podcast, one of the firm’s latest launches scheduled for June will be hosted by Kris Toribio, who will also interview industry experts to derive insights on personal finance, mindset, and investment with the aim of achieving time freedom in busy lifestyle.

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