Gemini Medical Technologies unveils new range of urodynamics systems

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-07-23

Gemini Medical Technologies unveils new range of urodynamics systems

Gemini Medical Technologies, an expert provider of medical solutions to practitioners and patients, has reportedly introduced a new line of urodynamics equipment designed by MEDKONSULT Medical Technology (MMT), a renowned European urodynamic equipment manufacturer.

The newly launched line of reliable, and user-friendly urodynamics systems consists of four standardized configurations tailored to the needs of a practitioner, ranging from simple five-channel studies to more intricate video urodynamics.

For those unversed, the premium line of urodynamics will be available for delivery starting next month.

Notably, the systems feature UDMvision, an easy-to-use, intuitive state-of-the-art software platform. This ensures a unique user experience with the help of an automated on-screen study phase navigation, smart reporting, auto-cough, and valsalva detection.

Meanwhile, UDMvision uses Dicom and HL7 protocols for facilitating seamless integration into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Speaking on the partnership with Gemini, Marek Švarc, Chief Executive Officer of MMT, explained that the company sees urodynamics as an investment, and announced the development of a whole suite of equipment that is reliable, durable, and accessible.

Marek added that with Gemini, MMT aims to design superior quality products that can effectively address the needs of today’s practices.

It is worth noting that all four systems are compatible with Gemini’s newly developed catheters - Atmos™ Air-Powered Urodynamics Catheters - which were launched earlier last month.

With the aim of providing both practitioners as well as patients with a novel urology diagnostic option, the company launched the new line of Atmos catheters, a breakthrough patient-centric advancement in air-powered urodynamics catheters in a decade.

Gemini realized the lack of options in the space of urology and designed Atmos catheters to comply with the current standard of care and meet patient needs by providing them with a modified diagnostic experience.

Some of the notable benefits offered by the premium suite of Atmos catheters include flexible designs for a relaxed fit, reliable results, user-friendly operation, easy integration, responsible pricing, and the smallest diameters available in North America.

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