HealthNow, KonsultaMD, & AIDE collaborate to launch health super-app

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-07-12

HealthNow, KonsultaMD, & AIDE collaborate to launch health super-app

Three Philippines-based companies, KonsultaMD, AIDE, and HealthNow are reportedly consolidating to facilitate healthcare services to Filipinos through a healthcare super-app.

Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc., Ayala Group’s healthcare arm through its owned subsidiary Vigos Ventures Inc.; Globe Capital Venture Holdings, Inc. (917Ventures), Globe Group’s corporate venture builder; and Salud Interactiva S.A. DE C.V. have assisted in the reorganization of APPPPS Partners, Inc. (AIDE), HealthNow, Inc. (HealthNow), and Global Telehealth, Inc. (KonsultaMD) to consolidate their respective applications under one super-app.

The deal combines three leading telehealth applications to improve the healthcare journey of every citizen of the Philippines. KonsultaMD serves teleconsultations, AIDE serves home care and laboratory tests, and HealthNow serves medicine deliveries.

All three services will be consolidated into one healthcare super-app, the new KonsultaMD. Together, the companies have a current user base of more than 2 million.

Reportedly, the health super-app intends to go live by the first quarter of next year.

KonsultaMD already leads the teleconsultations sector with a retail network of over 50,000 outlets and more than one million members.

In the last two years, AIDE and HealthNow have transitioned into key players in the AC Health ecosystem, expanding their user base to more than one million.

During lockdowns, HealthNow provided access to a variety of services including KonsultaMD-powered teleconsultation services and medicine deliveries.

HealthNow also played a crucial role in COVIDShield, the Philippines’ largest private sector-operated COVID-19 vaccine administration program, offering one platform where users could register their vaccinations and book post-vaccination consultations.

Similarly, AIDE has supported patients during the pandemic by providing access to critical home healthcare services such as diagnostics and laboratory.

In the meantime, KonsultaMD has expanded and increased its visibility in the healthcare sector of the Philippines. It formed multiple partnerships to make health services available across all market segments.

KonsultaMD’s services are available through Globe broadband and mobile postpaid plans along with prepaid plans.

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