Huawei offers technology to support NGO-led research projects

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-07-18

Huawei offers technology to support NGO-led research projects

Huawei has reportedly announced that it has provided its technology to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in a bid to aid nearly 14 research projects focused on environmental conservation across 10 countries.

As a part of the ‘Tech4All’ initiative, Huawei has developed advanced technology to protect the threatened Latin American and the Caribbean regions that house marine and terrestrial ecosystems with monitoring and protection capabilities.

At the LATAM ICT 2022 Congress, the company shed light on the advances made in projects that involved its participation with Rainforest Connection, which is a non-profit tech company specializing in acoustics applications for conservation.

Chrissy Durkin, Director of International Expansion for the Rainforest Connection, emphasized on the two major goals of the organisation. These involve the use of sound to identify illegal activities like poaching and clandestine logging and to further use this information to control biodiversity.

According to Chrissy, this will enable the team to monitor the sounds emitted by all kinds of species within different ecosystems and protect them using technology.

It would be imperative to note that one million species are currently in danger of extinction with the world facing its sixth mass extinction of all times, urging technological intervention in order to secure the future of hundreds of species.

Reportedly, 90% of all the reinforcement – a practice in wood production and sale – and logging is illegal. However, each year, more than 32 million hectares of tropical forest continue to disappear. 

For the uninitiated, Latin America is the key area of focus since the region covers 50% of the world’s biodiversity.

Huawei also actively participates in the protection and conservation of tropical forests as well as spider monkeys in Costa Rica.

Through a recent project in Chile, the company is helping protect biodiversity in the Nahuelbuta mountain ranges, and preserve Darwin’s fox, which is an endemic species in the country currently under the radar of extinction.

Earlier, Huawei launched a project in the Dzilam nature reserve, to protect jaguars and mangroves in Southeastern Mexico.

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