Intuity Medical introduces POGO Automatic at Kroger Health Pharmacies

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-08-24

Intuity Medical introduces POGO Automatic at Kroger Health Pharmacies

Intuity Medical, a firm that focuses on developing diabetes monitoring devices to make life easier for diabetic patients, has recently announced that its new device- POGO Automatic® Blood Glucose Monitoring System- is now present at Kroger Health pharmacies, the healthcare segment of The Kroger Co.

According to sources, Intuity Medical’s POGO Automatic device is said to be the first & only FDA-authorized automatic blood glucose monitor with 10-test cartridge expertise that inevitably lances, collects blood, and presents a glucose result with a push of button without requiring to load or carry separate lancets and test strips.

Apparently, many diabetic people find it challenging to test blood glucose with old-style glucose meters as it can be complicated, requires a lot to carry, and can be disruptive in everyday life.

Speaking on the latest development, Emory Anderson, President and CEO of Intuity Medical, Inc, stated that people with diabetes are required to constantly monitor their blood glucose in view of managing their disease. However, the difficulties presented by traditional meters prevent them from doing so regularly.

To this end, Intuity Medical is delighted to form an alliance with Kroger Health pharmacies and make glucose testing more easily accessible to the customers with diabetes, quoted Emory.

The company has achieved the required results by offering POGO Automatic’s One-Step™ testing, which autonomously lances and collects the blood, making testing easier for diabetic people.

It has been claimed that with the availability of POGO Automatic Monitors & Cartridges at all Kroger Health Pharmacy locations, One-Step testing can be accessed easily by people with diabetes.

Notably, testing blood glucose using POGO Automatic system is much easier and automatic.

In addition, users will no more be required to handle separate lancets or test strips because the cartridge contains everything needed for 10 tests. They can test discreetly and receive a precise glucose result in seconds without anyone noticing.

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