Karman, Cornerstone Research Group team up to acquire MG Resin tech

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-06-17

Karman, Cornerstone Research Group team up to acquire MG Resin tech

Karman Space & Defense has partnered with Cornerstone Research Group Inc (CRG) to secure the MG Resin technology.

The acquisition significantly expands the core capabilities of Karman in consolidated composite systems for space and defense applications. It also creates a leading position in the carbon-carbon market.

As per credible sources, CRG’s senior leadership team developed the patented MG resin family to acknowledge the rising demand for ultra-high temperature materials with improved processability, higher char yields, and reduced cycle times.  

The team designed an inventive solution that would allow the production of high-strength carbon-carbon components at temperatures over 1,200 °C.

Patrick Hood, CEO of CRG has expressed his belief that Karman’s capacity, transformative capabilities, and talented team makes it an ideal strategic collaborator to deliver the value proposition of MG Resin to customers across the missile, defense, space, and hypersonic supply chains.

Hood added that the partnership with Karman will expedite the marketability of carbon-carbon technology and seek to create value for customers.

Karman CEO, Tony Koblinksi considers the latest collaboration as a major achievement for the company. Koblinksi added that the MG Resin systems of CRG enable the company to provide high-temperature materials solutions to its consumer base.

The MG Resin carbon-carbon technology, in addition to other CRG-made resin systems, will act as a launch point for Karman’s extensive venture into novel material sciences.

Trive Capital Partner David Stinnett has asserted that the acquisition enables Karman to offer composite systems that are vertically integrated.

Stinnett believes that the inclusion of upfront material science abilities in its current design, manufacturing, and engineering abilities will advance Karman's mission to offer a focal point, higher quality to OEMs, and reduced lead times.

For the record, Karman Space & Defense has its headquarters in Huntington Beach, California with facilities in Washington D.C., Alabama, and Washington.

Source credit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/karman-space--defense-acquires-mg-resin-technology-301568956.html

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