Kevin Harts Hartbeat Ventures brings first investment from JP Morgan

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: 2022-10-21

Kevin Harts Hartbeat Ventures brings first investment from JP Morgan

Comedian and entrepreneur Kevin Harts Heartbeat Ventures has welcomed its first investment from JP Morgan Chase & Co. This development was confirmed with a joint statement from Heartbeat Ventures President and Co-Founder Robert Roman as well as J.P. Morgan’s head of digital investment banking Michael Elanjian.

For the uninitiated, Hartbeat Ventures is a VC firm at a nascent stage, that focally provides its services for the verticals of media, technology, lifestyle, and finance. Sources close to the development claim that a major portion of the funding would be directed toward backing underrepresented and minority founders.

Kevin Hart claimed that he had a bit of difficulty understanding the world of investments and therefore, took his time to get comfortable with it. In his opinion, his biggest challenge was to let go of his current understanding of investments and understand that it has a timeline attached to them.

Furthermore, he asserted that another crucial milestone in his journey was to learn how the economy works, and also to uncover the ways to make money work for him.

In order to do so, Mr. Hart claims that he surrounded himself with intellectuals who already had substantial knowledge regarding the intricacies of investing.

Elaborating on the investment from JP Morgan, Elanjian claimed that it is the second largest investment that the company has gone through after Project Spark, which is an initiative indoctrinated by Hartbeat Ventures to encourage diverse and women-led ventures.

In addition, Elanjian asserted that the company is thrilled to welcome JP Morgans contribution to its operations and achieve new milestones together.

Apart from Project Spark, Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat Ventures has actively extended its contribution to several other companies such as the electrolyte beverage startup BrightFox, eco-friendly bottled water corporation Path, and avatar simulation platform, Ready Player Me.

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