LinkedIn collaborates with Dailyhunt to deliver tailored news to users

By Garima Soni  | Date: 2022-10-04

LinkedIn collaborates with Dailyhunt to deliver tailored news to users

The Dailyhunt app now offers LinkedIns News and insights thanks to a one-year strategic relationship between Dailyhunt and LinkedIn. With the help of this collaboration, LinkedIn will expand its reach throughout India by utilizing Dailyhunts India-focused platform to provide in-depth news and well-curated insights.

According to Nirajita Banerjee, Managing News Editor for LinkedIn India, 200 editors are working for LinkedIn News worldwide who produce, curate, and cultivate news and opinions in the form of articles, quick posts, or videos to strengthen the voice of the global workforce.

Banerjee added that this collaboration will take news coverage to a bigger audience and assist them in acquiring knowledge that is essential for them to achieve professional goals.

As stated by Ravanan N, Executive Director of Eterno Infotech, Dailyhunt is devoted to improving its products to match the increasing content needs of its users. This partnership with LinkedIn News is intended to give users quick access to a wealth of in-depth knowledge.

The news aggregator platform is looking forward to working with LinkedIn News to satisfy rising need of users to stay updated on professional news.

For those unaware, users of Dailyhunts English-language news feed can now view LinkedIn News stories. This includes analyzing trending topics in a variety of fields, including business, technology, the economy, and careers.

The Bengaluru-based business says it offers more than one million content items each day in 15 languages and serves more than 350 million monthly active users (MAUs) each month, with an average daily usage time of 30 minutes per user.

It is worth mentioning that Dailyhunt has tried to get on board a number of partners, in order to give its user base various ways to consume content.

Interestingly, readers will be able to keep up with the latest news stories and significant industry advancements thanks to this partnership.


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