Natural Battery Technologies unveils new automotive safe batteries

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-05-24

Natural Battery Technologies unveils new automotive safe batteries

Indian battery manufacturer, Natural Battery Technologies, has reportedly launched automotive safe batteries following a breakthrough in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Inverter Lithium Batteries for both residential as well as commercial use and Advanced Cell Chemistry Carbon-backed battery for EVs.

Speaking on the technology, Puneet Jain, CEO of Natural Battery Technologies mentioned that with technology at the core of ‘Natural Batteries’ concept, the company has persistently worked towards achieving the triple breakthrough with consistent efforts by the research team.

At present, Natural Battery Technologies developed LFP Batteries are effectively being used as an alternative to lead acid batteries for running scooter and motorcycle engines.

To address the controversial incidents of scooters and bikes bursting into flames, Natural Battery Technologies has introduced EV batteries showcasing Advanced Cell Chemistry Carbon to eliminate the risks associated with highly inflammable Lithium batteries.

During the launch, Jain quoted that the new tech focuses on the growing requirement for more advanced, clean, and safe battery technologies that prevent the risk of catching the vehicle on fire. 

Imperative to note that the existing Lead Acid batteries have a life of 2-5 years when used as a starter battery and about 300-400 cycles, whereas LFP batteries have 1800-2000 cycles.

According to Jain, key benefit of replacing convention lead technologies with LFP systems is that it is leak proof and can last up to 5 times longer ensuring not only environmental safety but also customer friendly batteries that do not necessitate frequent replacement of batteries.

Moreover, lithium is not the only tool for energy storage in electric vehicles or energy storage systems, the carbon-driven batteries also offer tremendous safety and guaranteed high performance.

More recently, Natural Battery Technologies came up with novel Lithium batteries – which are spill proof, leak proof, and last ten times longer as compared to Lead Acid counterparts currently used - catering to home and commercial inverters, which also support solar energy storage.

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