Nox Health partners with Totem to introduce sleep health education

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-06-03

Nox Health partners with Totem to introduce sleep health education

Leading sleep health provider Nox Health has reportedly partnered with benefits consulting service Totem. The two companies will work together to introduce sleep health resources and education to adults and employee dependents on the Totem Health Plan powered by Nox Health’s SleepCharge.

Nox Health Chief Growth Officer and President, Heidi Anderson remarked that quality sleep is important for a healthier lifestyle, performing optimally, and equipping the body to fend off diseases.

Anderson added that Nox Health’s SleepCharge is a life-altering program for people deprived of sleep and that collaboration with Totem would enable the company to offer these critical services to more needy people.

Nox Health’s SleepCharge program offers education and resources regarding sleep health along with access to top-class treatment and sleep health professionals for people deprived of sleep.

The testing and treatment are overseen by sleep medicine physicians certified by the Board. A dedicated team of behavioral and medical sleep specialists aid patients linked with Totem along the way.

Debbie Schultz, President of Totem, founded the company four decades ago to take a comprehensive approach to employee benefits. Its health plans save clients between 8 percent and 29 percent yearly.

By using data, incentivizing employees to use the highest quality care, and incorporating fiduciary best practices, Totem provides better advantages for the employees of the companies.

SleepCharge offers clients education on sleep health while recognizing and solving sleep issues to help patients lead a productive life.

Patients receive a personalized sleep report after an initial Sleep Checkup. It also provides access to the Sleep Life Learning Center which includes guided sleep meditation and relaxation techniques.

Furthermore, patients will get access to certified sleep physicians who can order an at-home test, diagnose, and treat apneas, circadian rhythm-related disorders, insomnias, hypersomnias, and restless legs syndrome.

This collaboration will introduce sleep health to thousands of patients via the Totem Health Plan network.

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