Pfizer to spend USD 470 Million to expand mRNA vaccine research

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-07-25

Pfizer to spend USD 470 Million to expand mRNA vaccine research

Pharma giant Pfizer Inc is reportedly investing USD 470 million to expand its messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine research facilities 24.85 miles northwest of New York.

Reports suggest that Pfizer will construct a new building and refurbish current facilities on its Pearl River campus in New York. This campus has been the central laboratory research running its vaccine programs, including the COVID-19 one in collaboration with BioNTech.

The expansion of the Pearl River campus was considered before the pandemic, and the COVID-19 research conducted by Pfizer put immense pressure on its facilities.

As per sources, scientists working at the facilities were responsible for developing the shot and performing tests on animals along with other analyses and quality checks. The team has also conducted research and development on vaccines which includes Pfizer’s Prevnar for pneumococcus, the best-selling vaccine in the world until the arrival of the COVID-19 shot.

Pfizer’s annual revenue is doubled by the COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty, bringing it over USD 36 billion in sales alone last year. The drugmaker intends to repeat that success by implementing RNA in other diseases.

According to Steve Bjornson, Pfizer’s COO and Vice-President of Vaccine Research & Development, the expansion of the Pearl River campus will provide more lab space to develop more mRNA vaccines that will prevent viral pathogens like influenza.

Bjornson added that the expansion will also benefit current projects, including the company’s trial vaccine for the respiratory syncytial virus, which uses conventional technology.

It was further stated that Pfizer is at the center of critical vaccine science and intends to maintain the brand perception as the world’s most advanced mRNA player.

Speculations have it that Pfizer board signed off the expansion, spanning 80,000m² and including a lab space of 16,700m², at the end of June. It intends to complete the construction by the first quarter of 2026.

Currently, the campus hosts over 1,000 Pfizer employees, many of whom worked on the vaccine for COVID-19. The expansion will increase the lab capacity for 370 more staff.

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