Pokemon Go to roll out new map updates for immersive global adventure

By Garima Soni  | Date: 2022-10-28

Pokemon Go to roll out new map updates for immersive global adventure

The Pokemon Go map has recently received modifications from renowned augmented reality (AR) developer Niantic. According to the company, Pokemon GO is releasing improvements after three years, in order to continue providing an experience that unifies users’ global escapades.

The Pokemon GO maps appearance will be altered to depict the real world more accurately. According to the developer, the map will show the surroundings more realistically along with a wider variety of Pokemon that will appear in multiple places.

Post the latest update, users will start to see recent local changes on the map. This may involve demolishing old roadways and rebuilding recently constructed buildings. Soon, many Pokemons will be visible in even more places than they are right now.

A visual update will be made to the Pokemon GO map in order to better reflect the actual world and how it has changed since the last update. After this update, the map might start to show local changes from the last few years.

This may result in users seeing the same amount of Pokemon as before in densely inhabited places, but they will be distributed more equally. This may also result in an overall rise in the number of Pokemon appearing for Trainers in remote or rapidly developing locations.

Additionally, the business advised users to play the game responsibly and to abide by any local health authority regulations.

The game has previously released an update (1.191.0) that permitted iOS players to play the game at higher frame rates. The option to unlock the devices native refresh rate for greater FPS was added to the advanced options section of the app with version 1.191.0.

Although the 13 Pro, as well as Pro Max, are the only iPhone devices with ProMotion displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, the feature was not exclusive to those models. It is also possible to unlock the frame rate in an older 8 Plus device, the company asserted.

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