Scotland commits $1.2M funds to tackle household cost of living crisis

By Sakina Raj  | Date: 2022-07-08

Scotland commits $1.2M funds to tackle household cost of living crisis

Vulnerable households across Scotland could potentially find some relief from a new $1.2 million fund, which is designed to address the growing struggles associated with the surging cost of living crisis and soaring energy bills.

The new partnership between the two agencies – SNG (responsible for Scotland’s gas supply) and the Citizen’s Advice network – is expected to serve approximately 6,000 eligible homes as a portion of the Safe and Warm Advice Service pot.

Crucially, the nation expects the collaboration to amplify awareness and advise as many people as it can on the optimum usage of energy in order to limit the energy bills.

Speculations have it that the tie-up will help educate on how homes can be protected in case of carbon monoxide poisoning and the actions residents should take in such scenarios.

Speaking on the latest agreement, Maureen McIntosh, Head of Customer Experience at SGN, expressed excitement about the opportune development with Citizens Advice network, allowing SNG to work with one of the well-reputed and trusted advice organizations in the country.

Maureen emphasized the partnership’s ability to have a huge impact on the communities of Scotland amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis that is calling for immediate attention towards households and families struggling with inflation.

Under the terms of the agreement, energy advisors will be allocated across different Citizen’s Advice facilities located in Central and Southern Scotland to support vulnerable people and groups with accessibility issues, such as Park Home communities, asylum seekers, minority groups, and travellers.

Derek Mitchell, Chief Executive at Citizen’s Advice Scotland, commented that the tie-up underpins SNG’s longstanding support in accelerating the group’s persistent efforts to offer energy-related advice and the influx would allow CABs across the nation to employ additional advisers.

Mitchell also highlighted the specific goals of the project that focus on connecting with the hard-to-access communities while emphasizing CO poisoning as it can help save lives. 

In April, regulator Ofgem implemented the first surge in price cap for energy firms, with a second rise anticipated in October amid the worsening inflation and pressure on global supplies.

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