UK-based Arley’s launches six mince-based gourmet meat alternatives

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-05-31

UK-based Arley’s launches six mince-based gourmet meat alternatives

Arley’s, a plant-based brand by Arley Foods, has reportedly unveiled a new range of six mince-based meat options.

The line features plant-based mince, chicken burgers, beef burgers, regular meatballs, pork sausages, and spicy meatballs.

The new launches add to the brand’s current range of five products- plant-based beef pieces, kofta kebabs, chicken breast, chicken pieces, and pancetta. Arley’s stated that it intends to play a crucial role in the shift towards plant-based foods worldwide.

Although Arley’s is a new company, it has already expanded into Dubai, Finland, Costa Rica, and Singapore and intends to set foot across more European nations. The brand has also inked agreements to launch in the United States, Latin America, and the Arab GCC nations.

Globally, many companies are taking distinct approaches to vegan mince. Schouten Europe is developing organic mince from fermented tempeh by partly using byproducts from one of its plants.

Likewise, Fenn Foods of Australia has developed the first carbon-free plant-based mince using pea protein and soy.

Arley’s stated it plans to focus on mince-based products after observing defects in the texture of many existing alternatives.

Arley Foods CEO, Brady Collins stated that meat-free mince tends to turn into a paste for which the company developed a new product range using plant-sourced ingredients that maintain flavors, texture, and juices.

In other news, ASDA has unveiled its new range of products that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This current range comprises brand new never-seen-before products.

Plant-based Korean chicken wings are made using pea protein and wheat and served with a sweet chili sauce. Corn on the cob has been transformed into new Corn Ribs which can be oven-baked or barbecued, served with an herb and garlic dressing.

The plant-based barbeque range also comprises Meat-Free Chilli ‘Sheese’ Sausages, Meat-free Classic Burgers, Vegan Tempura Nests, and Battered Fishless Prawns.

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