VMG Catalyst concludes USD 400 million Fund II as a commerce leader

By Pranali Mehta  | Date: 2022-08-04

VMG Catalyst concludes USD 400 million Fund II as a commerce leader

The venture capital firm, VMG Catalyst announced the closing of its Fund II at USD 400 million, making the total raised capital USD 650 million. VM Catalyst’s Founding Team comprises Partners like Jeff Truong, Carle Stenmark, and Brooke Kiley.

The latest funding proves VMG’s thesis which argues that sophisticated supply chains and innovative software will define leading retailers and brands in the future.

With this investment, VMG has invested in 22 companies like mobile messaging company, Attentive, grocery delivery service, Weee! Grocery, headless commerce platforms, Swell and Shogun, Ampla, the financing provider, Daasity the e-commerce analytics firm, and many more.

VMG’s investments are supported by its partner franchises which, since its foundation in 2015, have invested in more than 30 consumer brands.

VMG Catalyst’s Founding Partner and VMG Partner’s General Partner, Carle Stenmark stated that its understanding of the pain points faced by retailers and brands and the voice of customers enable it to invest which is required for today’s commerce landscape.

VMG Partners’ General Partner, Michael Mauze stated that VMG Catalyst has successfully become a key player in the commerce venture capital space, within a span of a few years. He further added that VMG believes that there is a tremendous business opportunity at the intersection of technology and retail.

The firm looks forward to supporting the Catalyst team, which backs more companies that empowers consumer businesses.

VMG network has been trying to increase its network of more than 32,000 professionals. Under the banner of Brianna Rizzo, a leader of Talent Partner, it is increasing its own talent function.

Due to these efforts, VMG Catalyst has been able to launch its Commerce Council along with Fund II, which invests and looks to expand the consumer ecosystem of the portfolio companies of Fund II. This Commerce Council primarily comprises operators, seasoned founders, and digital leaders from leading consumer brands.

Source Credit: VMG Catalyst Closes $400M Fund II Building On Reputation as a Leader in Scalable Commerce (prnewswire.com)

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